I live to simplify. My mission is to create an efficient and streamlined beauty routine for every woman.

In a world with a seemingly infinite number of beauty products, selecting what's right for you can feel overwhelming. I can help by building a personalized beauty routine around your unique lifestyle and needs. The result: a customized system that goes anywhere, but is yours alone.

Whether you're a beauty hoarder who can't live without her makeup closet or a minimalist on the go, there's a simple way to put your best face forward. Let me help you find it.

  • Makeup Consultation (2 hours): $300

    • Build your look from the ground up. Using a combination of your stuff and ours, we'll figure out the looks and which products work for you.

  • Makeup Editing (per hour): $150

    • You have a closetful of beauty products, but you don't know which work best for your face. We can fix that.

  • Personal Beauty Shopping (per hour): $150

    • Let's hit the makeup counter together! We'll guide you toward the stuff that's right for your face -- and away from the stuff that's not. (We swear to throw our bodies between yours and any unsolicited fragrance spritzes.)

  • Personalized Makeup Kit: $300 per kit*

    • You know what you need to look great -- now you need it organized. We'll fit it all into a streamlined kit for daily use or travel.

          *does not include any product purchased