Scalp Micropigmentation


What is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)?

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a non-surgical procedure of inserting organic based plant deposits through the dermal layer of the scalp. These pigment dots replicate hair follicles and blend in with client’s skin complexion.

Is this a tattoo?

No. The only similarity is that color is applied into your skin, so if you see ANY tattoo parlor or artist offering a similar service, run the other direction. SMP is a totally different technique practiced by trained professionals using totally different pigments as well as different techniques with state of the art equipment. 

How do I prepare for my SMP session?

Please shower prior to your initial treatment as you will not be able to wet the treated area for the following 4 days. If you color your hair, please do so 1-2 weeks prior to your initial treatment as you will not be able to color your hair until 3 weeks after treatment. If you have an MRI scheduled within your date of treatment, please reschedule to have MRI prior to SMP treatment.

How long does SMP last?

SMP lasts a lifetime with proper care, however, maintenance is required such as touch ups to maintain the dark pigment color. Touch ups depend on client to client basis but on average we should touch base every 3 to 6 years to schedule a followup.

How will I look immediately following my SMP session?

Immediately after the first session you will have results of what SMP is. However there will be some redness for a couple of days. Please view the detailed aftercare below.


What is the aftercare procedure for SMP while being treated?

For the first 4 days after treatment you should:

  • Avoid showering your head

  • Avoid any activities that would cause you to sweat excessively

  • Do NOT cut your hair

  • Do NOT use any shampoo or moisturizer

  • Note that the subsequent treatments will normally take place 5-7 days after the initial treatment

Between treatments you should:

  • NOT go swimming

  • NOT use steam or sauna rooms

  • Keep OUT of the sun

General Maintenance:

  • Avoid growing hair too long as this will create the contrast of the SMP treated areas. Experiment with your own hair length to achieve the best results and look. Once the initial four days post treatment has passed, you can now shave your head.

  • You can start to moisturize your scalp at least once a day to avoid dry skin and keep scalp in good condition.

What is the long term maintenance for the treated SMP area following final treatment?

As well as the individual advice that you practitioner will have given you, such as how frequently to cut your hair, there are a few pieces of advice you should follow immediately after your treatment:

  • Avoid showering your head for the first 4 days following treatment. After the first week you can start to shower normally again

  • Avoid swimming/saunas and steam rooms for 28 days after your final treatment

  • Keep out of the sun for 28 days after treatment and thereafter use SPF factor of 30-50

  • Avoid heavy exercise for 5 days after your final treatment

  • Begin to regularly moisturize the treated area once the initial 4 days post treatment have passed

Should your existing hair begin to go gray, have no fear! This will not be a problem! Any graying of the area will not affect the overall look of the style and the existing hair will blend into the treated area.

Please remember SMP is designed as a permanent solution to hair loss. However, should your new style begin to fade over the next few years, we can provide touch ups to your style at an agreed hourly rate, lower than the original treatment cost.